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Arkhangelsk timber blockings.

Production of log houses.

Arkhangelsk manufacturing company "Terem wood" Ltd. makes to order splendid timber blockings living houses, cottage, summer cottage, homestead, country house, mansion and tourist complexes, chapels and temples made out of round baulks of manual cut. And the main thing is that the company produces timber blockings according to designer projects out of unique redwood from Arkhangelsk.

Situated in Arkhangelsk our own timber cutting complexes of Pomorsk redwood, which is usually called iron wood, enable us to offer our clients log houses of the highest quality but at a low price level. Further details concerning the quality of the material for the timber blocking houses.

Our products are of high demanddue to the merits of the building material, its good warmth saving characteristics, and high quality of log houses made out of baulks in Russia and abroad. We deliver timber blockings from Arkhangelsk all over the world.

Our own architect bureau "Terem wood" Ltd. enables us to reliably construct the most complex timber blockings out of hand-made baulks. Log hewn houses are constructed according to standard and designer projects, as well as according to individual sketch designs of the clients.

About timber blocking prices.

The level of average market prices of log and frame houses makes us lower the production cost of our log houses out of manual cut baulks, and in addition to the high quality these prices turn out to be very attractive for our Clients. Further details regarding prices and installment payment.

Why is the construction of a log house out of round baulks of manual cut produced by our company considered to be the most profitable investment into the house-building in relation to the balance of price and quality? The reasons are numerous:

Advantages of a hewn timber blocking

All these factors enable to single out unquestionable advantages of our timber blockings form other offers of log or frame houses.

Substantial economy on the fit-out works

after the construction the timber blocking doesnt require any inner and outer fit-out works or labour-consuming treatment in its exploitation;

High factor of merit and warmth saving characteristics

due to the high-density of the baulks the house is warmer than when made out of standard redwood or balks, and manual hacket processing of baulks preserves and connects filaments without synthetic resin treatment and heat processing, thus making the house even more solid;

Resistance to exterior environment and seasons changing

it does not require constant heating in winter as opposed to stone or frame houses; our timber blocking lives in accordance with nature and acquires durability;

Our timber blockings are non-combustible and they do not dote

we apply an original composition for timber blockings protection, which is the major factor for the operation life of a timber blocking: bio and fireproofing of a log house, protection from burning-off with natural additives, which prolongs the operation life from 5 till 10 years;

Ecological characteristics of a living house

corresponds to the highest standards, the age of the baulks starts from 200-450 years;

A timber blocking possesses natural microclimate

- a hewn timber blocking made out of round baulks has an ability to keep the appropriate temperature and humidity inside the house despite the weather conditions as opposed to a laminated balk, a moulded balk or a regularized round timber;

House construction economy

our readymade timber blockings are installed on any basis and enable to apply in-house methods while building, i.e. using special manufactory contracting brigades (for foundation, roof, windows, doors and engineering works). Even if the Client is not a building expert, we usually consult our Clients regarding all the technologies and warn against possible construction mistakes. This method allows to save the budget costs up to 1,5-3 times in case of building the turn-key construction;

Beauty and high liquidity of each project

our timber blockings possess guarantee customer demand in case of commercial exploitation and property sale.

Production of timber blockings. The important factor is that our houses are delivered to the Clients lot in the readymade unit of a log house and are installed very quickly, thus lowering the construction expenditures.

Types of locks and cups. Our craftsmen manage all the cut types and produce timber blockings of The Russian cup type, which does not require further annual caulking; timber blockings have a 3 year assembling guarantee. Further details regarding cutting technology.

Installation of a timber blocking on the Clients lot. The assembling practice of a readymade timber blocking on the clients lots allows rendering services on log houses building on the highest level. Further details regarding the installation.

Installation of a readymade unit of a timber blocking on the clients lots is completed within short terms of 3-5 weeks on the prepared foundation with temporary roof adhering to all technological peculiarities for long operation life of the timber blocking with assembling guarantee for 3 years. Further detail regarding foundations.

Our construction experience of log houses. For 10 years we have already been producing and constructing hewn houses in any region of Russia and abroad. Further details about our company.

In good log houses everyone wants to live and be happy. A sound, reliable, solid and warm timber blocking for a log house or a bath house out of baulk is very important for country life. We are proud of the results of our work and we value every client, both private developers and investors.

Further details about our mission.

The view of readymade real-sized houses our future Clients can have in Arkhangelsk subject to a preliminary coordinated appointment.

Further details regarding a visit to Arkhangelsk.


Download the indicative price for projects, diameter 22-24 cm, max 34-36 cm, with installation cost of conversion rate in the Euro currency, and the calculation of the amount of delivery.

We would be glad to see you as our Client and to make one more family, one more owner be happy possessors of a real log house.

You can order the project via Skype: Terem Wood or you can write to us.

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